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is 73: sonyc

program director:
Adrian Balan

Monday - Friday   |  2:20 - 5:30pm

Grades Served: 6 - 8

Servicing middle school students for 18 years, Maspeth Town Hall at IS 73's mission is to provide a safe network for students to further explore their academic, athletic, and artistic interests with their peers.  At the start of each day children are welcomed by their counselors and invited to have a healthy snack followed by academic and recreational activities.

about our program



academics &


Drama Club

Cosmetology Club

Physical Recreation

Basketball Skills & League

Soccer Skills & League

Flag Football Club

Yoga Club

Photography Club

Homework Help

Book Club 

Chess Club

Science Club

Art Club

Computer Club

Lego Robotics

Guitar Club

Classes/Program Resumes

January 2, 2024


program goals

We have worked with school representatives, after school staff, and our dedicated and experienced veteran staff to develop our Program Goals. Our Program Goals are based on the needs of the school community and keeps our after school program evolving and working hard for the community we serve.

Provide a safe and nurturing environment where students can meet and socialize with other students of the school community.

Expose and engage a group of culturally diverse students in academics, vocations, athletics, and the arts.

Further assist students in homework-help with multiple approaches including support from both counselors and peers.

Continue to work in conjunction with the school and community to advance already existing programs and integrate new programs.

BECOME An after school counselor

A great way to support MTH is to become an after school counselor for our After School Program! Youth Workers, Group Leaders, and Instructors earn between $18-$22 per hour. Interact with students while collaboratively working with supervisors and peers to enrich their educational experiences and make a difference in the community!

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