ps 58: fee-based

program director:
Dominique johnson

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Monday - Friday      Program Hours TBA

On Site Registration: 9/15, 9/17/21 2:30 - 5:30pm

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This is the 5th year of Maspeth Town Hall's After School programming at PS 58! We strive to provide a safe, fun and caring environment to foster children's growth. After a light snack, we focus on the completion of your children's homework through trained counselor guidance to ensure comprehension on academic topics such as Mathematics, ELA, and Social Studies. Afterwards, we provide an array of recreational, creative and enrichment activities for the students to enjoy!

about our program

academics &


Homework Help 

Junior Achievement

STEM Enrichment

Nat'l Lego Robotics Club

Creative Writing



Fine Arts

Physical Recreation



Sports League



first day

of program

September 20, 2021

Program Hours:

As Usual

program goals

We have worked with school representatives, after school staff, and our dedicated and experienced veteran staff to develop our Program Goals. Our Program Goals are based on the needs of the school community and keeps our after school program evolving and working hard for the community we serve.

To increase our student’s academic independence by giving them access to more material and instruction

relevant to their studies and interests.

To create a better program experience for all students by fostering a sense of community through a series of assemblies,

special events, and a student-chosen club activity structure on certain days.

To foster a more productive homework experience for all students in the program by creating an environment of learning, accessibility, tutoring and student-led instructional teams as well as giving program staff more tools and insight

into new homework strategies and changes.

To give parents and guardians of the program, as well as other community stakeholders, more access and insight into the program and its services by creating more opportunities for them to visit and experience the program with our students and staff.


A great way to support MTH is to become a Youth Counselor for our After School Program! Youth Counselors earn

$15 per hour. Interact with students while collaboratively working with supervisors and peers to enrich their

educational experiences and make a difference in the community!