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is 119: sONYC

program director:
seida muratovic

Monday - Friday      2:00 - 5:00pm

Grades Served: 6 - 8

Our programming mission at IS 119 is to provide a safe and supportive learning environment where students can work, play and grow under the supervision and guidance of our trained counselors and activity specialists. With the support of the NYC Department of Youth and Community Development, Maspeth Town Hall is able to do just that by offering a free SONYC (Schools Out! NYC) After-School Program for the middle school students at IS 119!

With a student enrollment of 85 and the use of a "Student Choice & Voice" program model, our middle school students are given a range of activities to choose from in one of the following areas:

     1. STEM and Literacy/ Academic Learning
     2. Leadership Development and Service Learning
     3. Active Minds and Healthy Bodies

Every day, students check-in with our staff at the gym after the school day dismissal. Afterwards, students are also offered a healthy snack provided by of School Food Services and are then guided to the activities they chose. These activities match the developmentally-appropriate interests of the students and are changed every 10 weeks for variety. Every student has the ability to choose two activities in a day; each lasting for a period of an hour. At the end of every program day, during dismissal, students are invited to play board games and socialize with their peers while they wait to go home.

about our program

academics &


Homework Help 

Junior Achievement

Scrabble / Chess

Art Club

Computer Club

Escape Room

Video Game Club

Physical Recreation

Basketball Skills

Basketball League

Dance / Gymnastics




Classes/Program Resumes

January 2, 2024


We have worked with school representatives, after school staff, and our dedicated and experienced veteran staff to develop our Program Goals. Our Program Goals are based on the needs of the school community and keeps our after school program evolving and working hard for the community we serve.


Provide a safe and nurturing environment where students can meet and socialize with other students of

the school community, as well grow academically, physically, and emotionally.

Expose and engage a group of culturally diverse students in academics, vocations, athletics, and the arts.

Further assist students in homework-help with multiple approaches including support from both counselors and peers.

Provide leadership development through structured activities/clubs, led by trained staff.

To create a better program experience for all students by fostering a sense of community through a series of assemblies,

special events, and a student- chosen club activity structure on certain days.

Continue to work in conjunction with the school and community to advance already existing programs and integrate new programs.

program goals

BECOME An after school counselor

A great way to support MTH is to become an after school counselor for our After School Program! Youth Workers, Group Leaders, and Instructors earn between $18-$22 per hour. Interact with students while collaboratively working with supervisors and peers to enrich their educational experiences and make a difference in the community!

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