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ps 330: fee-based

program director:
Gabriela Morales

Monday - Friday   |  2:20 - 5:30pm

Grades Served: K - 5

PS 330’s After School Program is very amazing towards the Corona / Elmhurst, Queens community. We offer many activities that aim to create a pleasant environment for children to learn and grow under the supervision and guidance of our caring Counselors and Specialists. PS 330 will always stay true to our mission: to create a safe learning environment where children can excel mentally and physically. In conjunction with artistic and recreational activities, students are offers an array of educationally stimulating activities after being given a light snack. This includes but is not limited to, Homework Help (Counselors provide aid and teach homework strategies to students); “Learning Chess Program,” here students learn how to play chess at a beginner level, as they progress students “graduate” where they play Chess tournaments with their peers. Soon PS 330 will incorporate the program “Junior Achievement,” a program that focuses on teaching students business-like models, while teaching children the notions of entrepreneurship. Recreationally, PS 330 offers students, numerous “Gym” based activities (e.g. Basketball League and Soccer League). In addition, students have access to PS 330’s playground area which contain various slides and contraptions where students can enjoy their time (if weather permits).

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academics &


Homework Help 

Junior Achievement

Chess Club

Scrapbook Club


Fine Arts

Physical Recreation

Sports League

Classes/Program Resumes

January 2, 2024


program goals

We have worked with school representatives, after school staff, and our dedicated and experienced veteran staff to develop our Program Goals. Our Program Goals are based on the needs of the school community and keeps our after school program evolving and working hard for the community we serve.

Enhance pupils’ academic performance by instructing students proper homework techniques.

To create a space for students to express themselves academically and artistically.

Teach students the value of sportsmanship.

Allow parents the peace of mind, that their child is in a safe learning environment, while creating further opportunities

for parents to view and help foster academic growth.

BECOME An after school counselor

A great way to support MTH is to become an after school counselor for our After School Program! Youth Workers, Group Leaders, and Instructors earn between $18-$22 per hour. Interact with students while collaboratively working with supervisors and peers to enrich their educational experiences and make a difference in the community!

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