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ps 110: fee-based

program director:
Elizabeth Simental

Monday - Friday   |  2:00 - 5:30pm

Grades Served: K - 5

Welcome to our 6th year of after school programming at PS 110. We are thrilled to have your children be part of our after school program. Maspeth Town Hall at PS 110 wishes to enrich the academic and social improvement of your children. Homework is our primary concern - students are given the opportunity to complete their homework with the help of our trained counselors and staff. Students are offered snacks to start the afternoon, our counselors are provided with a schedule everyday with various activities.

about our program

academics &


Homework Help 

STEM Enrichment


Fine Arts

Physical Recreation


Sports League


Social Emotional Learning

Board Games

Cosmic IQ

Ready Readers



Classes/Program Resumes

January 2, 2024


We have worked alongside PS 110 staff and our very dedicated and experienced staff for 7 years in order to develop our Program Goals. We have based our Program Goals on the needs of school community. Basing our goals within this foundation helps us grow and better serve our hard working community in Corona.

To spark a passion for learning through academic independence by proving our children with the material and skills relevant

to their studies and areas of interest.

To enhance a better after school program experience for all children by creating an atmosphere, in which the students practice skills and knowledge in a way that strengthens learning abilities, builds interactions and demonstrates the importance of community.

To promote a more efficient homework help experience for all students in the program by constructing an environment of creativity in which students lead instructional teams as well as giving all program staff more tools and insight into new homework strategies.

To help students understand and develop their evolving social and emotional learning abilities.


To provide parents, as well as community stakeholders, more access and insight into our program and its aid by creating

more opportunities in which parents may visit and participate with our students and staff.

program goals

BECOME An after school counselor

A great way to support MTH is to become an after school counselor for our After School Program! Youth Workers, Group Leaders, and Instructors earn between $18-$22 per hour. Interact with students while collaboratively working with supervisors and peers to enrich their educational experiences and make a difference in the community!

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